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Johanna Hedman's Debut in Several International Deals

onsdag 07 april 2021

We are excited to announce that Johanna Hedman's forthcoming debut novel The Trio has been sold in several international deals, five months prior to publication. The Danish rights were acquired by Turbine at auction, the German rights by btb/Luchterhand, also at auction, and the Finnish rights by Aula & Co, following a pre-empt. Here are some quotes from the enthusiastic editors:

Martin Graae Jorgensen at Turbine: I am just so happy that you convinced me to read The Trio. I love it! It made me do something, that I apparently have never done before: When I had read the last page, I flipped back to page 1 again to read the first part over again, to see how the meeting between Hugo and Frances spills over into the rest of the novel. This book is simply superb.

Regina Kammerer at btb/Luchterhand: I am very honoured and very excited to publish this wonderful and outstanding author who will be a classic sooner or later if you are asking me. She has such an unique literary voice, it’s incredible. I am sure she will be a star!

Niko Aula at Aula & Co: I was moved by the way she tells stories of more or less normal people in normal circumstances and manages to elevate this normality to something delicate and robust and definitely captivating. She manages to make growing up something that is definitely not trivial, even though the movements of the story and her storytelling are intricate, not dramatic. (Personally, it made me remember what it was like to be a student of Literary Theory in a university far away from home.) It is thanks to her craft that I learned to care for all three of the central characters and against all evidence hoped they would all live happily ever after. I also think Trion would fit beautifully on our list with Lucia Berlin, Tommy Orange, Natalia Ginzburg, Abigail Dean and Ottessa Moshfegh. 

Stay tuned for more news about this marvellous debut! 



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