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Kayo Mpoyi's debut receives magnificent reviews

fredag 08 februari 2019

It has been an exciting couple of weeks for our talented debutant Kayo Mpoyi whose novel Mai Means Water was just released in Sweden. Finnish rights have already been sold and the critics are full of praise for this spirited coming-of-age novel. Please see a selection of quotes below.


"The most remarkable thing about Kayo Mpoyi’s “Mai Means Water” is that it is her debut novel. I have difficulties recalling another debut written with the same fearless confidence, as if I was travelling with a driver who has had her license for fifty years. The novel’s many sub-plots are harmoniously interwoven; all the thoughts and emotions are completely authentic; the prose is like a flower frozen in spring water, and behind every line there is an alluring sense of danger."

Svenska Dagbladet:

"a debut novel that feels so impressively confident, that isn’t anxiously searching for a unique tone. It is already there, glowing. It is a book written by an author who was born in Congo and raised in Tanzania before she arrived in Sweden as a ten year-old, and who appears so international. Kayo Mpoyi also manages to create an intimacy with the characters she is writing about, even though it occurs in a type of magic fairytale style and even though everything is perceived through Adi’s gaze. Kayo Mpoyi creates complex individuals, and I even start to see the cruel father in a more redemptive light."

Norrtelje Tidning:

"Mai Means Water" is a remarkably strong and solid debut, written in a stylish and suggestive prose that is both impressive and convincing. The novel shifts between darkness and light, hidden secrets and the seemingly everyday trivial events. Intense, luminous, alluring and yet menacing. With a great amount of curiosity and anticipation I look forward to Kayo Mpoyi’s next novel and her future authorship. Because this is undoubtedly something as fascinating as the beginning of an authorship."




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