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Latest book: Herrarna satte oss hit

Elin Anna Labba is a journalist and was previously the editor-in-chief of magazine Nuorat. Today she works for the Sámi Authors’ Centre, with a mission to strengthen and emphasise Sámi literature.

Elin Anna Labba hails from a family that lived on a land that was seized by the authorities. This is her way to tell her own family’s story.          

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Elin Anna Labba's "Sirdolaccat" Receives Unanimous Praise

Absolutely everyone has been joining in the chorus of praise for Elin Anna Labba's Sirdolaccat - a lyrical and engaging historical reportage illuminating the forgotten story of the Sámi people. As well as earning comparisons to Toni Morrison and being tipped as the next August P...

Carl-Johan Utsi
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