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Latest book: Obscuritas

David Lagercrantz (b. 1962) saw his breakthrough as a novelist with Fall of Man in Wilmslow, a fictionalised novel about the British mathematician Alan Turing.

The biography I am Zlatan, which he co-wrote with international football star Zlatan Ibrahimovic, was published in 2011. With 500 000 hardcover copies sold in less than two months, it is the fastest selling book in Sweden to date, and has sold millions of copies worldwide.

In 2013, Lagercrantz was asked to write a free-standing sequel to Stieg Larsson’s Millennium Trilogy. The Girl in the Spider's Web (2015) became a global publishing phenomenon with simultaneous publication in 27 countries, and was followed by The Girl Who takes an Eye for an Eye (2017) and – Lagercrantz’ final book in the Millennium series – The Girl Who Lived Twice (2019). The Millennium series has sold 100 million copies to date and has topped the international bestseller charts all over the world.

The first book in Lagercrantz’s new Rekke/Vargas series will be published by Norstedts in November 2021, and rights have already been sold to many territories.

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Obscuritas can be described as a trifle, but a very entertaining one. The depiction of the double act’s friendship is finely tuned and poignant, and there is nothing negative to say about the suspense.
Svenska Dagbladet
Lagercrantz shows his characters an almost paternal concern. Rather than wallowing in pubescent, graphic obscenities – the actual slaying – like less conscientious writers (not to mention scriptwriters), he prefers to pursue the characters’ human traits. This is not only sympathetic, but it also aids the genre’s somewhat lame sense of credibility. Nobody, or very few, is allowed to be completely evil, snooty, idiotic or – for that matter – good. Therefore, don’t be surprised if the Rekke/Vargas series turns out to be a sales success.
Dagens Nyheter
It is an ambitious and slightly complex plot that wants to follow the conventional thriller template on one hand, but on the other hand wants to tell us something more. Some parts are allowed to take time while others feel a bit rushed and occasionally the suspense ends up lost at the expense of the not entirely uncomplicated puzzle. Music is allocated an important role and the story about it and the people it involves, adds necessary vigor. Here, the plot takes a surprising turn and introduces a portrayal of the propulsion of dreams that is both affecting and engaging. The depictions of Rekke and Watson, sorry Vargas, gradually deepen after the predictable introduction. Along the way Rekke becomes more than genius, upper-class, muscular arms, graceful hands and luminescent aura, and Vargas gains an opportunity to shed the rigid ghetto guise. By the time the case is solved, they have become a team, the year is 2004 and the story ends with the characters receiving the next task – which just happens to work as a trailer for the next book.


Millennium 6 - Title and Cover Revealed

The Swedish title and cover for the sixth Millennium novel has now been made public. Hon som måste dö (The Girl Who Lived Twice), David Lagercrantz's final book in the series, will be published on the 22nd of August.  ...

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