Omslagsbild: Nuckan

Date of release: 2018-05-04
Pages: 117
Sold to: Denmark: Gads Forlag, Finland: Atena, Germany: Piper
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Nuckan /The Spinster

The spinster – does she exist?

Malin Lindroth is 52, childless and a bachelorette since almost thirty years. When she introduces herself as involuntarily single she receives strong reactions. She asks herself which narratives about life outside of the “couple bubble” can actually be presented. Therefore she decided to write about a personal history that is as little in demand today as it was in the past.

Malin Lindroth wants to reclaim the word “spinster”: redeem the ugly epithet and wash the shame away. This is an act of liberation, a way to challenge the norms that dictate our perception of the world, as well as laying the groundwork for the all-encompassing story of love, power and relationships.


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“The Spinster” has something fundamental to teach each and every one of us.
I read this 117-page long book in one go, and by the end of it I’m not sure if I have stopped to breathe /… / Lindroth becomes a reminder of the fear many of us have tried to forget. That is why this is such a brave book. She speaks with a dissonant voice in an age that loves the idea that we can choose our own lives. That we invent ourselves /… / “The Spinster” is a book that you want to discuss as soon as you have finished it. It is 117 pages of admirable courage.
Dagens Nyheter
This is the kind of book that you must read with your own life at stake. Because Malin Lindroth’s essays in “The Spinster” demands that the reader not only scrutinises the author’s life, but also his or her own life. Could I have been her? Am I? Are you? “The Spinster” is perhaps mostly relevant to the one who can identify with the main character, but everyone else can and should also read /… / Lindroth’s prose is nimble, well-measured, actually quite funny.
Borås Tidning
In addition to the private and self-revealing story, Lindroth’s book is also an innovative feministic work that places the “spinster” in a historical context and that explains its negative connotations, all while the author reclaims the term /… / Malin Lindroth’s book is painful to read, and it is a double pain that surfaces. The personal destiny that unfolds – the girl who felt different already as a child and who wasn’t able to conform to the girlhood expectations, the teenager who quickly learned that she wasn’t “girlfriend material”, the adult woman who first attempted a failed domestic partnership only to be rejected by a long line of guys, who was constantly put in the friend zone but was never seen as a potential mother or life partner. How come? And then the other pain. The one that confines us all in the expectations on what defines a “normal” life.
Helsingborgs Dagblad

Malin Lindroth is an author, playwright and arts journalist based in Mölndal, outside of Gothenburg. She made her debut in 1985 with a collection of poetry and has since published several poetry collections and novels. She has previously been awarded the prestigious Aftonbladet’s Literature Prize.

Her essay collection “The Spinster” has received enormous attention in the media and appears to be a book that resonates with the readers.  

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